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Our Story

It’s with a grateful heart that we welcome you to Michalke Made! Working with each other out of our home was something we always knew we wanted and we spent all of our date nights dreaming up ideas of different projects we could do. Soon after, following our mutual love for fixer uppers, we traveled around Texas to transform homes.  We fell in love with working together and knew it was something we would do for the rest of our lives. Shortly after we made this plan, we were blessed with the news that we were having a baby! Our traveling came to a stop and we were back to the drawing board. We spent the next few months focusing on the arrival of our baby girl, but the thought of working together again was always in the back of our minds. We both picked up small hobbies to pass the time and we had no clue a beginner’s leather kit we bought on a random Saturday night would be what started our next journey together.

How it began...

We sat at the dinner table with a broken leather wristlet and some tools that we had no clue how to use. We took the wristlet apart to salvage the leather and got to creating! After a few attempts and some google searches later, we had our first leather product; a pair of earrings. We posted them on Instagram and in less than a week, we had two boutiques inquire about carrying the earrings in their stores. We said “absolutely!” and got to work! Going from making earrings for our friends and family quickly grew to a few large orders being placed and it was a night and day difference. That’s when we decided to dive straight into the leather making world.  We set up a website, posted our email address on our Instagram, and dreamed of getting our products into more stores. We worked on new products and tried to write up a few sales pitches for boutiques we thought our brand would do well in. Little did we know, we wouldn't need those pitches at all. Within two weeks our email had over one hundred boutique owners inquiring about our line and just like that had our products in sixty boutiques across the United States.

We're excited for the future!

We worked around the clock fulfilling large wholesale orders and moved our shop from the kitchen table to our garage. We soon moved into a larger home with a 3-car garage for the sole purpose of having a bigger work space. With the extra room for inventory, we took the next big step and launched the retail portion of Michalke Made. After months of creating prototypes, we have created a new line that is functional for everyday use and like nothing our customers have seen before. Each piece is handmade from scratch with the finest leathers from all over the world, including Italy, Brazil, and the United States . We pride ourselves in hand-making each item unique, fun, and from the highest quality leathers available.  We appreciate you supporting our small business and hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them.  


Kansas is the face and voice behind all the social media and communications. Kansas is also the designer and creative mind behind Michalke Made's brand and products. 

Kansas loves matching with her baby girl, Memphis, and is always dreaming up ideas for her next DIY project. If she isn't out shopping with friends, you can find her on social media posting her day to day life or making a mess in the shop, despite her husbands disapproval. 


Brandon makes our creative visions come to life by handcrafting all of our leather goods. Brandon is very detail oriented and designs each item from start to finish. 

Brandon loves being outside with his family and organizing his shop. He is always shaking his head and wondering why his wife is such a mess and hoping his daughter will be neat and tidy like he is, even though the chances are slim.