Leather Care

Each piece is handmade from scratch in Austin, Texas with the finest leathers from all over the world. We pride ourselves in making each item unique, fun, and from the highest quality leathers available.

Leather goods will patina over time, making the item one of a kind.
It’s also common for leather to get scratches and spots over time from normal use. There are several methods of minimizing the appearance of the damage with a little care.


  • Never wash your leather bag in the washing machine.
  • Keep cosmetics inside a pouch or small case. Cap all pens and anything that might leak on the leather.
  • Avoid cleaning products with alcohol, turpentine or other mineral spirits.
  • Store leather bags properly when not in use; keep out of direct sunlight and in low humidity as sunlight fades and dries leather.
  • If leather gets wet, absorb as much water as possible with a thick hand towel and then air dry.
  • Routine Leather Care can help maintain your product longer. We recommend conditioning your leather every 6 months. Similar to the nature of skin it needs to be moisturized as soon as it feels dry. You can purchase leather care kits at drug stores or a shoe shop.


1. Remove spots as soon as they appear; don’t let it sit on the leather too long.

2. Use a baby wipe and fold it in half. Do not use wipes that contain alcohol, dyes or fragrance.

3. Place your hand on the opposite side of the stain and wipe away, cleaning the spot and surrounding area.

4. Rub with moderate pressure to remove the stain; using too much force may discolor the leather.

For any additional help, please send us an email at info@michalkemade.com